Kansas City Qualifier

To view and download my photos from all events at the Kansas City Qualifier, click here. Please provide photo credit if sharing on social media (ideally, “📸: @koolgurl69 • westcoastrunner.com”).

West Coast Runner is a photo journal dedicated to chronicling the lifestyle of sub-elite athletes from California, Oregon, and Washington–so, while I had the honor of taking photos of all events at the meet, here I will focus on just representing the experience of a couple of those athletes. I will also be posting my favorite photos from the rest of the meet on my Instagram page.

May 1, 2021. 5:20pm. Leavenworth, Kansas.

As former high school rivals from the Northern California circuit, current training partners Annie and Bridget could never have predicted that life would take them to a track meet together in small town Kansas, but life—like running—is full of surprises.

This weekend Trials of Miles and Citius Mag invited some of track & field’s finest rising stars to America’s heartland to chase dreams and time standards on a balmy evening evocative of summer. Heading into the developmental heat of the women’s 5000m, Annie and Bridget’s feelings were marked by gratitude: Gratitude for a long-awaited racing opportunity, gratitude for the capacity to fly across the country from their homes in San Francisco to the event, and–importantly–gratitude for the ability to do so together.

Of course, however, the weather gods don’t give a damn about gratitude. At close to 80 degrees with 20 mile per hour wind gusts, personal records weren’t in the cards for the afternoon session at the track meet. Nonetheless, Annie and Bridget were mostly satisfied with competitive finishes that suggested highly promising results in better conditions.

Sometimes in this sport that’s all we can ask for.

Midwestern sensibilities

April 30, 2021. 9:00am. Kansas City, Kansas.

Friendship. Laughter. Drills. Getting kicked off of a middle school track because an eighth grade PE class is starting.

These are the things that pre-meet routines are made of.

Away from California for the first time since before the pandemic, Annie and Bridget are still acclimating to the wholesome culture and wide open spaces of the Wheat State. But they’re 100% ready for the developmental 5000m at Trials of Miles and Citius Mag‘s Kansas Qualifier tomorrow.

Desert Dwellers

April 16-17, 2021. 3:20pm. Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Joshua Trees symbolize growth amidst severe conditions–a suitable metaphor for distance running.

The girls headed down to Southern California for a week of training, climbing, riding, and R&R. Between multisport activities, Camille, Anna, and Sammy snuck in some early morning Mojave miles and a midday desert shake.